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Your site has been designed and is hosted on a reliable server. So the traffic will start flowing in, right? Wrong! The "Field of Dreams" philosophy - If you build it they will come - does not apply to the web.

In today's highly competitive web, where literally billions of pages are competing for web real estate, getting your site found is the most important element. Once, all you had to do was make sure your web site used your keywords in meta tags. Today, it is far more complex. Many of the major search engines don't even consider the meta tags any longer. Now your site must be designed with the search engine criteria in mind.

800biz maintains a constant watch on changes to the search engine criteria. We subscribe to numerous publications and services that monitor changes. In addition, our search engine optimization experts have completed advanced SEO certification. Many of our sites consistently rank in the top 10 on the major search engines in their main keyword phrases.

Below are a few of the elements we consider when designing and optimizing your site:

Site Content - Today's web site must have content that provides information people surfing your site need and want. Without relevant content, your site isn't going anywhere.

Keywork Research - 800biz researches the major keyword phrases contained in your content. We look for important keyword phrases that may have been missed. We also analyze all the keyword phrases to determine which phrase(s) are the most popular or will generate the most targeted traffic.

Site Optimization Design - Once you have good content, it has to be presented in a manner the search engines like. Keyword weight, keyword prominence, proper use of html tags and linking strategies are a few of the many elements we consider when creating your site.

Search Engine Submission - Many sites advertise submitting your site to thousands of search engines and directories. Beware! Many of these can actually be detrimental to your search engine ranking. The main thing you will achieve from this will be a dramatic increase in spam email.

We hand submit our sites to the major serach engines using their forms. We avoid the "Free" directories. Many companies advocate resubmitting your web site monthly. This, too, may have a negative effect on your ranking. Resubmission needs to be based on the criteria for each individual search engine.

Search Engine Ranking Reports - We monitor your search engine ranking based on your major keyword phrases and help us identify which phrases are bringing traffic and which ones need improving.

Link Exchange - Links from relevant sites to your site are a critical element in search engine rankings today. 800biz can create a reciprocal linking program for your site. We search the web for relevant sites, email a link exchange request, create the links pages, monitor the reciprocal link and audit the links on a periodic basis.

Web Site Marketing

In addition to the search engine optimization, 800biz can also help develop a marketing plan for your web site. Pay-Per-Click advertising is one marketing tool. Affiliate programs is another effective marketing tool. E-Newsletters and e-zine articles are a couple of other tools we have used to increase traffic to web sites.

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